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Maryville Baptist Tabernacle strives to provide inspirational messages to those in need of a blessing, re-dedication, or salvation. We will be selecting different messages from time to time to make available on our website.

For USPS mailing of any sermon heard on our website, we request a donation of $3.00 to cover the charge of printing, packaging, and shipping of the requested product. However, the donation is not mandatory to receive the product. We would much rather see a soul blessed, rededicated, or brought to salvation through our ministry.

If you would like to support our audio/video ministry by monetary donations, checks can be made payable to:

Maryville Baptist Media Ministry

Receipts for tax purposes can be provided if so desired. Please indicate in the request if a receipt is desired and provide return email or mailing address. We will immediately return a receipt for your records.

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